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  • ng to Cusco and founding Tahuantinsuyo," he said.But the w▓ork of the researchers does not stop there. Now they want t▓o go further back in time.For that, they have ▓to test the DNA of ancient relics, such as mummies, "to form the most complete picture of the origin ▓of the most important pre-Hispanic civilization," said Fujita.The task looks complicated beca▓use the Spanish Conquistadores, who arrived in ▓1532, destroyed Inca mummies that families v▓enerated, as they sought to convert people to Christianity.The researchers are now looking for where the Incas' most direct descendants are buried in order to ▓trace their history.The DNA analysis would add to archeological and anthropological research to understand the exact origin of the people."In this case, we use ... genetics, the transmission of mole▓cular features across the generations," said Fujita.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat▓Efforts to form Italian government collapse as key minister rejectedEfforts to form Italian government collapse as key minister rejectedEfforts to ▓form Italian government collapse as key minister rejected05-28-2018 09:29 BJTItaly's presi▓dent came under furious attack on Sunday after he rejec▓ted a Eurosceptic pick for the key economy ministry, ca▓using the collapse of efforts to form a coalition g▓overnment and opening the prospect of fresh elections. The leaders of the two part▓ies trying to field a government, the far-ri▓ght League and anti-establishment Five Star Movement, accused President Sergio Mattarella of abusing his authority and working under the▓ orders of European powers.Five Star leader Luigi Di▓ Maio, whose party won the most seats at an inconclusive March 4 vote, demanded that parliam▓ent impeach Mattarella, raising the specter of political turmoil in the euro zone's third-biggest economy▓. Financial markets tumbled last wee▓k on fears the mooted coalition would unleash a spending splurge and increase Italy's already huge debt mountain, which is equivalent to more than 1▓.3 times the nation's domestic output. Looking to allay investor concerns, Mattarella vetoed on Sunday the choice of 81-year-old economist Paolo Savona, a vocal critic of the single currency, to the pivotal economy post. Prime Minister-designate Giuseppe Conte promptly abandoned his efforts to form a gov

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    ernment. In a somber, televised speech, Mattarella said he had accepted all the suggested ministers bar Savona."I asked for that ministry an auth▓oritative political figure from the coalition parties who was not seen as the supporter of a line t▓hat could provoke Italy's exit from the euro," he said. Shortly afterw

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    and South▓ America, Asia, by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    ard, he summoned former International Monetary Fund (IMF) senior official Carlo Cottarelli for a Monday morning meeting – an indication he may b▓e considering asking him to head a government of unelected technocrats. Voter angerCottarelli ▓would be a calming choice for the financial markets▓, but any technocrat adm

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    dle East. The children w by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    inistration would likely only be a short-term solution because the majority of ▓parliamentarians have said they would not support such a government. If he failed to win parlia▓mentary backing, Cottarelli would stay in office in a caretaker capacity ahead of elections that would most l▓ikely be held in September or Octobe

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    ational skills and their mastery of engineering, researchers Ricardo Fujita and Jose S▓andoval of Lima's University